Good People Day: The BlogHer Crowd

Generally I try not to get caught up in memes, where a bunch of people try to do similar posts on the same day. (I’m not entirely opposed to memes, it just doesn’t suit the way I personally write or work.)

But yesterday I saw a particularly compelling video post by Wine 2.0 founder Gary Vaynerchuk: April 3, 2008 is GOOD PEOPLE DAY, pass it on. Take a minute and watch it, it’s short.

…OK, dude, you got me. Here’s my tribute to a particularly positive and powerful community that’s had a good influence on my life and work: Blogher.

Thanks 🙂

5 thoughts on Good People Day: The BlogHer Crowd

  1. Amy,

    Was just taking a break before the BJ Business cocktail party and found this jewel. More video, please! I’m not going to get all verklempt. Not gonna do it. I’m just happy and proud to know you.


  2. Amy – I met you briefly once upon a time at a BlogHer conference, and I agree with you on every single count here. The community has had a similar impact on my life and I’m grateful for it every day. It really is a force. I owe it all to Lisa Stone for responding to my first query and giving me a shot, and it just blew up from there.

    I’m with you on several of the names you mentioned…just meeting and working with Kim Pearson has made me a better journalist (and somehow I hope a better person, because that would be nice.)

    Agree with Jory – more video. : )

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