Finding local Tweetups: A humble proposal

The search tool Tweetscan may be one way to find spontaneous gatherings of local Twitter users.

A few days ago, it occurred to me that it might be nice if there was an online tool or service that would facilitate local “tweetups” (informal, spontaneous gatherings of local Twitter users). Right now, tweetups start when one person in a town or city proposes one — like: “How about a Tweetup at The Cup in downtown Boulder this afternoon, 2pm?”

…But this approach mostly works to assemble Twitter users who already know or follow each other. What about if you want to get together with local Twitter users you don’t already know, or who don’t follow you? Since I’m a big believer in serendipity, I’d love a tool like that. Knowing that there’s no such thing as a truly original idea, I checked on the logical domain for such a tool,

There’s nothing there yet, just a placeholder page. I e-mailed the domain owner to ask of their plans for this domain, and here’s the response I received this morning…

“Still formulating what to do with it. But likely to be a mashup of an existing system with the right tools which has an API. Possibly/likely to be

There will be a diffenet subdomain for each : eg:, etc. 😉

Then I will do the same with (for meetups) 😉

Sounds intriguing — but it could, of course, all be vaporware.

In the meantime, I might suggest a hack solution for people who enjoy local tweetups:

  • Go to Tweetscan — a tool that allows a keyword search of everything posted to Twitter.
  • Search for: tweetup [TOWN] — where TOWN = your town, city, or neighborhood, whichever would be most relevant to locals.
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed for results for that search. This will let you know whenever a Tweetup has been called.

Then whenever you want to propose a local tweetup, make sure you include the words “tweetup” and your specified geographic location (TOWN). I just did that.

If you like this idea, spread the word about this proposed syntax, and see if it ends up informing you about other local Tweetups outside your immediate social circle.

I’m sure there are other solutions — and it’s possible that this idea of mine may totally suck or simply not work. But I think it’s work trying out. If you have a different or better approach, please speak up in the comments below.

5 thoughts on Finding local Tweetups: A humble proposal

  1. Love the idea! Especially because it’s a way to find a way to use what’s already out there as an imperfect, but hopefully effective, way to try something out. if it sticks, the owners will have a ready made way to gather requirements for what they ultimately roll out!

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