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Flickr Comment Spam: Any Solutions?

A great photo by Wolfpix seems to have attracted a lot of obvious Flickr comment spam.

(UPDATE: Turns out the comments I’m complaining here are not comment spam — but man, they sure look like it. See Karoli’s comment below for an explanation.)

I love Flickr and other photo-sharing services. Not that I’m much of a photographer myself, but I love that Flickr makes it easy to designate and find Creative Commons-licensed images. I even have a Flickr CC search plugin on my Firefox search bar, and I use it daily. That’s because I prefer to include an illustrative image with every post. It just makes blogging more fun.

Whenever I use a CC-licensed image, I always comment back thank the owner and let them know I used it as an illustration, and where. I figure it’s the least I can do.

Because I leave lots of comments on Flickr to thank photographers for their CC-licensed images, I’ve been noticing lately though that comment spam seems to be picking up on Flickr. That’s a bummer.

Case in point: This morning I used this great duck picture by Wolpix to illustrate this E-Media Tidbits post by Steve Klein. When I went to leave my comment, I noticed many other comments that appear to be spam — they’re identical, except they’re left by different “users” — as if someone set up fake Flickr accounts for the purpose of leaving spam.

Spam in this environment especially sucks because it cuts off conversation and dilutes relevance.

What could Flickr do — or are they doing something I’m missing — to either prevent comment spam or discourage it by making it harder?

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The best eulogy ever

I’ve been thinking about the impermanence of life lately (not in a morbid or suicidal way, just in a that’s-how-it-is kind of way). And it strikes me that eulogies can be pretty important. I think this is the best one ever: John Cleese’s eulogy of his Monty Python cohort Graham Chapman, in 1989:

For the record, when I eventually die, I want my eulogy to be at least this good. If no one’s laughing at my memorial service, something’s REALLY wrong, and I’d be pissed off.