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Mark Fiore
Getting crabby with comments…

How to Fix Adblock Plus clash with Lijit search

Firefox users: To disable Adblock Plus on (or any site), you’ll need to add this handy red icon to your toolbar.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was trying out the search widget Lijit on this site — not just for site search, but as a “me collector” (to aggregate all my content posted in various places online). It appears to be working fine — except in the Firefox web browser, where I’ve hit a snag.

Turns out that Lijit search and the popular Firefox add-on Adblock Plus (which I use) don’t play nicely with each other at this point. Consequently, if you view Contentious using Firefox (at least the Mac version) and try to conduct a Lijit search, it’ll probably just hang there and deliver no results. However, the Lijit search for my site works just fine for me in the Safari browser.

Lijit community analyst Tara Anderson recently contacted me to ask how Lijit was working for me, and I described this problem. She replied, “Do you have AdBlock as a plug-in on your Firefox browser? If so, then that will block any results from being returned. There is a workaround — you have to add Lijit into the whitelist of your AdBlock and then it should recognize Lijit as a safe site, allowing the results to be displayed.”

OK, so how do you do that? Tara was kind enough to give me the answer…
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Ad don’t have to suck. Really. Watch this one.

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Post-travel catch-up: How do you do it?

Amy Gahran
Barcelona was fabulous, especially the living statues. Now it’s back to real life. (Cringe!)

I’ve just returned from a 2-week trip that mixed business, vacation, and family. It was quite a whirlwind, but it was also fun, exciting, and important in many ways. While I was gone I was able to keep E-Media Tidbits going, but not much on Contentious. Due to laptop problems (now fixed, all I needed was a new power converter), I was mostly on other people’s machines and didn’t want to hog them.

Now I’m back home, in regular life again. Fortunately I feel rested — I managed to get adequate rest while on the road, and when I got home yesterday I went straight to a fabulous massage and then took it easy all evening. Today I’ll go for a bike ride to get some exercise.

However, I really need to hit the ground running to prepare for a workshop I have to give in L.A. next week. Of course, I have backlog — bills and billing, touching base with clients, responding to correspondence, cleaning house (it’s a bit chaotic, which makes it hard for me to concentrate), and finding a way to do an adequate brain dump so I don’t lose the insights gained on this trip.

How do you manage your post-trip catch-up? Any tips I might benefit from? Please comment below!

links for 2007-11-26

Barcelona is great, my Macbook is not

Just a quick update — I’m greatly enjoying my brief vacation in Barcelona. Last night a friend and I enjoyed tapas, tempranillo, and an AWESOME flamenco fusion trio in the courtyard of a Catalonian cafe. Here are some photos I took in Barcelona and at the seaside town of Vilanova i la Geltru.

However, my Macbook is not doing so well. Something went wrong with the power system and I can’t charge it. Most likely the electrical outlet adaptor I’d been using fried out and took with it either my laptop’s power adaptor or battery. I don’t think the hard drive or motherboard is fried because the machine worked until the charge ran out completely. But I cannot charge my machine at all right now, that’ll have to wait until I’m stateside. Sunday or Monday I’ll be visiting an Apple store in the states to diagnose the problem, replace the components, or replace the machine.

I’m just accepting this as a backhand blessing from the Goddess of Serendipity, who continues to smile upon me (or laugh at me, I’m not sure which sometimes). It’s good for me to take an enforced online vacation. I’ll live.

Anyway, Barcelona ROCKS! Come here if you can. Meanwhile I’m off to tour a Gothic Cathedral, followed by more tapas. I could live like this, I think — although I would need a functioning computer as some point or my head might implode.

I’m Twittering the Spanish Digital Journalism Seminar

Following on Steve Outing’s Tidbits post about using Twitter to cover breaking news…

Right now I’m attending the second day of the Seminari Internacional de Periodisme Digital, held at the chic modern Neapolis center at Vilanova i la Geltru, on the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean. I’m posting highlights from my notes via Twitter. If you want to follow me there, I’m agahran on Twitter.

The session about to begin now: Citizen journalist case studies. Pau Llop of the citJ site Bottup (“Bottom Up”), and Marta Torres and Laura Rahoa of BdeBarna.