Twitter wildfire updates: Useful, or not?

Twittermap is one way to find recent individual “tweets” from the wildfire region — or anywhere.

As I intimated in today’s linkblog post, the widely trivialized microblogging service Twitter seems to be redeeming itself somewhat during the current Southern CA wildfire crisis.

HyperGene Media Blog noted yesterday that the free mobile-friendly service is being used by news outlets and emergency services to deliver text updates. (The best example of this so far, in my opinion, is from NPR affiliate radio station KPBS in San Diego.) And of course, many individual Twitter users in the affected regions are posting their own updates — one way to find these is TwitterMap.

My question for Twitter users: Are you using Twitter to follow (or post) news and updates about the Southern CA fires?

If so:

  • Is this useful for you?
  • Which kinds of news/updates are most helpful or significant to you? (Give examples)
  • Which fire-related tweets do you think are least helpful, or even annoying or potentially harmful? (Give examples)

Please comment below. Thanks!

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