GTDinbox: Pretty cool so far

I’m giving GTDinbox a try.

Now that (yes, I’ve managed to keep it clear for a few days now — I even enjoy that process!) I’ve finally put to use an e-mail tool that helps me keep organized: GTDinbox. This Firefox browser add-on expands the functionality of Gmail (my preferred e-mail client) to support the processes of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity system.

I haven’t completely drunk the GTD Kool-Aid yet, but I’m sipping it slowly. I’m finding it hard to muster the emotional energy and psychological motivation plow through the massive tangled backlog of open loops that is my life at this point, so I figured I’ll just start somewhere — making a “clean spot,” so to speak. So I’m starting with e-mail, which is so central to my work and life and where so many of my tasks and projects get channeled.

The cool thing about it is that I’ve been able to use it to specify “next actions” on a wide range of projects — from maintaining blogs, to client projects, to making travel arrangements, to scheduling massages.

I’m not sure how well I like it yet, but so far it seems to be working for me as an organization tool. Plus, I find it helps me keep my inbox clear by giving me a clear way to process messages related to open loops as they arrive, in a way that I can easily keep track of them.

Are you using, or have you tried, GTDinbox? What do you think of it? Got any tips? Please comment below.

5 thoughts on GTDinbox: Pretty cool so far

  1. Hey Amy, glad GTDInbox is off to a good start with you! A lot of people do love that first feeling of getting an overflowing inbox under control. V2 is currently being prepared, so if you have any thoughts as you get used to using GTDInbox, do not hesitate to drop us an email!

  2. Thanks, Andy. So far, I’m really loving this tool — it’s helping me prevent new stuff from piling up and overwhelming me. Still learnign the finer points of it, but man, this helps!

    – Amy Gahran

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