Who is Amy Gahran?

Self portrait, atop Bear Peak, Boulder, CO, 2006

Some of you may be wondering who’s behind this weblog. It’s me, Amy Gahran. Here’s a little bit about me.

I’m an info-provocateur and media consultant based in Oakland, California. (I just moved there in 2009 after spending 14 years in Boulder, Colorado.)

Yes, that title is deliberately vague because I do a whole lot of things. I’m a journalist, catalyst, editor, mentor, trainer, speaker, project manager, community manager, coach, and semi-geek. (I don’t code, but I can assemble and work with tech teams, and help evaluate technologies for digital media projects.)

Most of my work involves helping people (including journalists) and organizations (including news and publishing organizations) wrap their brains around digital media, which includes web, mobile, e-mail, and social media. I also do a lot of work involving community media (like OaklandLocal.com), citizen journalism, and the evolution of media and journalism.

More details…

Recent projects and clients:

Past employment and clients have included:

Miscellaneous tidbits about Amy:

  • Origins: Born and raised in southern NJ (Haddon Heights), outside of Philadelphia.
  • Education: Attended Temple University. (BA, journalism, 1990).
  • Journalism: Covered energy and environmental issues since 1991, mostly for business and niche media.
  • Online: Got online in 1991 and haven’t stopped since.
  • Relocation: Fled the east coast screaming in 1995 — couldn’t stand the humidity. Have lived in Boulder ever since.
  • Semi-geek: I don’t code (beyond basic HTML), but I can quickly grasp the implications of new tools and the connections they can enable. I speak geek reasonably well, and often serve as a geek-layperson translator.
  • Strengths: I’m a classic “connector,” in the Malcolm Gladwell sense. I’m also insatiably curious and very persistent.
  • Avocations: Conversation, learning, amusement, adapatation.
  • Current fascinations: Crappy cell phones as media tools, social media, finding a way to get rid of e-mail overload, cognitive science, brain research, community dynamics, linguistics, Vladimir Nabokov, how emotions affect communication and action, energy efficiency, confusing my cats.
  • Transportation: Currently car-free by choice.
  • Misc: I’m a Mac person. And a cat person. I find those two characteristics tend to go together suspiciously often.
  • Favorite musicians: Michael Hedges, Spearhead, Ani DiFranco, Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell, Bela Fleck, Kaki King, Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson, Matt Flinner, Jonathan Coulton, Peter Gabriel
  • Favorite forms of exercise: Kickboxing, biking, hiking, weight lifting, yoga, balance exercises, mental calisthenics
  • Not-so-guilty pleasures: Science fiction, malbec and tepranillo wines, highly caffeinated tea, running away to my cabin on the Continental Divide, Netflix, Cold War Russian black humor, playing with new online toys.
  • Books: Yes, always. I’m a voracious reader. Especially on my Kindle. (I’ve grown to loathe paper)
  • Currently working on: Acceptance, compassion, reducing daily stress.
  • Backup career plan: Reclusive llama herder in South America (armed).
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14 thoughts on Who is Amy Gahran?

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  2. Hi Amy, not sure how I reached your site, whilst searching for something else, I think. Anyway, read your bio and alas, here I am in NJ…your old stomping grounds…and alas, it is humid today, unusual for September. Another commonality…cats (well animals). If you haven’t heard of this great sanctuary it’s time you explored their site and perhaps a visit…www.bestfriends.org. Volunteered there two years ago..great experience.

    I admire your spirit. Peace.

  3. Good evening,
    I am impressed by Amy’s many achievements and aspirations but barely know what a blog is. Seeking article about blogging, the seven formats discussed briefly by Amy: 1. link only, 2. two-link blurb, 3. list. I had a cat but never a Mac.

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  7. Hi Amy! Stumbled across your sight because I read your article in Bob Bly’s e-book, World’s Best Copywriting Secrets. Love your sense of humor. Sounds like we have some similar aspirations, so I will be checking in on you. By chance are you doing any work regarding sustainable agriculture?
    PS I am new to blogs – don’t know a thing about them.

  8. Interesting! And I hope to hear you next time you’re in D.C.
    About phone calls – I agree about calls out of the blue. Scheduled phone calls are another matter, and for extended exchanges far superior to dozens of emails.

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