Shutting Down Sploggers via Google Adsense

As I mentioned earlier, as far as I’m concerned, hunting down and shutting down individual splogs is a waste of energy — because a splogger can set up another (or dozens) of new sites quickly and easily for each one that gets shut down.

Many bloggers
have been discussing this issue, with a deluge of often-heated comments in the wake of these posts.

Somewhere in that multilayered discussion, I saw someone mention what seems like a way to take constructive action against sploggers that’s more meaningful than shutting down a single splog. My apologies, I can’t recall who offered this suggestion.

Anyway, Google Adsense is the most common financial incentive program used by sploggers. I can’t remember seeing a single splog that didn’t carry Google ads. One Adsense account can support a multitude of splogs. Google ostensibly doesn’t approve of splogs, and apparently will cancel Adsense accounts for sploggers who abuse the program.

Therefore, when you find a splog, you can report it to Google and ask them to close the associated Adsense account.

Back on July 10, Quick Online Tips explained how to do that…

Here’s their advice:

Report to Google Adsense

“There are high chances that such blogs are earning advertising revenue from Google Adsense pay per click program that earns money quickly. You can also report to other affiliate programs they are running onsite like Chitika, Eminimalls, Commission Junction, Adbrite etc.

  1. “Click on the “Ads by Gooooogleâ€? link. It takes you to a page where you can give feedback about ads. Click the link “Send Google your thoughts on the ads you just sawâ€? and a form drops down. In the subject, select “report a violationâ€?. Add an e-mail (optional) if you want a reply back.
  2. “Email Google Adsense and report a policy violation. Subject the e-mail as ‘AdSense Policy Violation’, describe in detail the problem and send this e-mail to”

That article also gives instructions for reporting sploggers to various search engines. Even though some of this advice applies only to splogs based on Blogger, much of it can apply to other types of splogs. I’ve Furled it for future reference.

I haven’t tried this strategy personally, but it sounds like good advice and I will try it with the next splogger who really bugs me. Because, after thinking it over, sploggers are a huge problem and all of us who value the usefulness of the internet bear some responsibility to discourage them. Ultimately we don’t have power over them (generally), but collectively we can influence the powers that be.

So I guess the Head Lemur and others were right to point out that doing nothing will only make this problem worse. Now that I have an idea of something constructive to do on this issue, I’ll do it.

I still think, however, that chasing down individual sploggers is a waste of energy unless you personally find that activity rewarding. They simply breed too rapidly for stomping them one at a time to make any real difference. I realize others disagree with me on that, of course.

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