Conversational Media Tools at Capture the Conversation

I’ve recently started blogging for one of my  clients, Room 214. They’re an internet marketing firm that offers an intriguing service, Capture the Conversation. This service gets to the heart of why conversational media is so valuable and important. I think the Room 214 people and I can learn a lot from each other.

The Capture the Conversation blog is a good resource for marketing/PR pros and others who want to learn how to make the most of conversational media. My "beat" there will mainly be the tools of conversational media.

So when I have tool-focused topics to discuss, I’ll post over there. (I’ll mention it here, and on my other blog The Right Conversation, with a link). I’ll continue to post my think pieces and open questions to The Right Conversation. I believe that’s a complementary content strategy — we’ll see how it works out.

Over at the Capture the Conversation blog, I just launched into what will be a multi-part discussion of the tools of comment tracking. Today’s post is very introductory, but watch for followups. See: Tracking Blog Comments: The Challenge

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