I\’m speaking at the SPJ conference

Just a quick heads up: I’ve recently confirmed as a speaker at this year’s conference of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

Jeff South, a communications professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and a longtime colleague of mine, invited me to speak on a panel entitled: Tech Trends: A User’s Guide to Software, Hardware and Other Tools Revolutionizing Journalism. That will be Saturday, Aug. 26, in Chicago. (Conference info)

So what do you think journalists should know about using online tools, services, and resources? Remember, most mainstream journalists are still pretty basic when it comes to using the net effectively. A lot of them STILL don’t know what feeds are, and they’re still carrying around tape recorders! (Remember tape? How quaint!)

I haven’t even begun to consider what I should mention. So, if you have ideas, please comment below!

The whole conference lineup looks great, I wish I could attend the whole thing.

After the conference on Saturday, I’ll be meeting up with the most happening podcaster in Chicago, Heidi Miller. She said I can crash at her place Saturday night if I co-host a podcast with her. Oh, the burden…


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