Travelocity and the mysterious total cost for my multi-leg trip

OK… This has very little to do with my usual beat of online communications, but I’m totally baffled by a situation I find myself in. I’d like for someone to help me make sense of this.

In a couple of weeks I have back-to-back on-site jobs with several east-coast clients. So I went onto Travelocity and booked a multi-leg trip. Simple enough. When I finished my complex reservation and booked the ticket, I was duly charged a total fare for my trip.

Each of my clients is covering travel costs only for their portion of the trip – which means I need the itemized cost for each leg in order to get reimbursed.

I figured Travelocity could tell me that, since they charged me the total fare. They had to have numbers to add up in order to arrive at that total, right?

Guess again! So far I’ve spent a few hours talking to Travelocity and each of the airlines involved, and no one can tell me how much each leg of my trip costs! As far as I know, Travelocity pulled that $1500+ fare total out of a hat.

Wait – it gets even better…

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