Why I had to uninstall the CoComment extension

On April 30, I wrote with great enthusiasm about the nifty new Firefox extension for CoComment, a free tool for tracking your online conversations.

Sadly, today I had to uninstall that extension. It was, I found out, causing serious problems with how my web browser interacted with other online services that I use several times daily: Gmail, Furl, and Typepad.

That’s a bummer, because I’m really getting to like CoComment…

I think CoComment is heading in the right direction by offering a Firefox extension to automate its system more for users. I understand that, with all the different types of blogging platforms out there, the CoComment team has taken on a difficult technical challenge. I’m not surprised the extension didn’t work perfectly right out of the gate.

I’m guessing that this is either a bug that will be hunted down and eradicated, or an incompatibility with the latest version of Firefox for Mac ( So when they have an improved version of the extension ready, I’ll try it again.

Did any other Mac/Firefox users experience similar problems with the CoComment extension?

7 thoughts on Why I had to uninstall the CoComment extension

  1. I’ve been using cocomment for a week or so,and I usually download mail and read it in Thunderbird. Coincidently, today when I tried to use my gmail account online, I found that none of the links would work. I thought it was a problem with my browser, but now I’m guessing it might be due to co-comment. Thanks for highlighting this, I’ll probably keep it, because I rarely use webmail, but it’s nice to know about a potential problem.

  2. I used coComment for awhile, and liked being able to track conversations. But I noticed some buggy activity. Some Blogger sites wouldn’t play nice. Most Haloscan comments disappeared, to be replaced with some multi-digit code. And the coComment snippets in my sidebar took forever to load.

    It got to be a chore, remembering to go through coComment before commenting — especially given the spotty success rate. I just gave up on it.

  3. Hi, Amy! I have been having trouble with Cocomment sometimes as well so I tend to use Co.mments more often now. I experienced that sometimes when cocomment is down, my index page wouldn’t load properly so I even removed that box on my blog.

  4. I was wondering if you stated using it again. Robert Scoble recently wrote about it and I am trying it again. Day one it seems buggy as and ant hill.

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