Hunting the elusive usable bliki: Translation, please?

Just a quick note: I’ve written before about one of my personal “Holy Grails” of the internet: a really usable bliki.

Today the German weblog Examensblog published what appears to be an excellent overview of the current state of the quest to develop a superior bliki tool.

I say “appears” because the article is in German. Sadly, like most Amercians, I only read English (to my great embarrassment). I did a quick-and-dirty Babelfish automated translation, which was enough to tell me that this is an article I really, really want to read.

So I would dearly love to see this article translated into English – or at least summarized in English.

If any German-fluent Contentious readers want to take a stab at this, I’d be very grateful!

…OK, so what’s a bliki?…

A “bliki” is a kind of online chimera: a site supported by a content management system that combines the best features of weblogs and wikis. The point would be to allow conversations and the presentation of discrete ideas, and also to provide a system for weaving everything discussed there into a coherent tapestry.

In other words, it would be a public conversation where you don’t have to connect all the dots in your head to see the big picture.

The problem is, most blogging and wiki tools are beset with considerable usability problems. They function, but they’re not nearly as intuitive and easy-to-use as they could or should be. (And don’t judge their usability from the geek perspective – talk to some online novices to get a truer picture of the usability barriers.)

A well-designed, easy-to-understand, easy-to use bliki would go a long way toward transcending the built-in awkwardness and limitations of both weblogs and wikis, I think. There are some good initial attempts, but these of course are rather klunky and the content is mega-geeky (a further obstacle).

I’d love to see a truly usable bliki tackling a topic that non-geeks could related to — like, maybe, home remodeling – a topic very much on my mind today as my bathroom is being rebuilt from the bare studs.

Again, any help on the translation would be appreciated!

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