Stanford Journalism Fellowship: Citizen Journalists Welcome to Apply

I just found out about a pretty significant journalism fellowship from Stanford University’s Center for the Study of the North American West: $3,500-$7,000 plus two weeks’ access to the Center’s facilities and resources.

The Western Enterprise Fellowship is for “research toward an article, series of articles or broadcast segment on a topic of particular significance to the United States west of the Mississippi, western Canada, or northern Mexico. Research areas can range widely, and may be related to the demographics, culture, politics, economy, or environment of the region.”

Now, the info page for that fellowship also goes on to say, “Since the fellowship is to disseminate new perspectives on these issues to the wider public, fellows must enter the program with an assignment letter from a news organization that commits to publishing or broadcasting the work within twelve months of the fellowship’s completion.”

I thought that sounded rather exclusive, so I inquired further…

(Read the full article at I, Reporter. I also published a related article on this topic today at Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits.)

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