My first official day as E-Media Tidbits editor

Well, I think I’ve gotten off to a very good start in this my new contract gig as editor of Poynter’s group weblog E-Media Tidbits. This is a great team of people.

If you’re interested at what’s been going on over at that weblog for news pros lately, here’s a quick rundown of recent postings…

Recent postings to E-Media Tidbits:

March 13: Newspaper Drafts Sunshine Law, Posts Online, by Amy Gahran

March 12: Sunshine Sunday: What’s Online? by Amy Gahran

March 12: The Siren Song of Gatekeeping, by Amy Gahran

March 11: Sharon Stone! There, Now That I Have Your Attention…. by Alan Abbey

March 11: Tidbits Changing of the Guard, by Amy Gahran

March 10: Chisholm on the Future, by Peter M. Zollman

March 10: Small Newspaper, Big Web Site, by Matthew Buckland

March 10: Chile’s First Female President Takes Office: Online Coverage, by Juan C. Camus

March 9: Reuters CEO: News Orgs as “Cloud Seeders,” and More, by Amy Gahran

March 9: Blogging the News, by Juan C. Camus

March 8: Why Is It Still Called “Presstime”? by Peter M. Zollman (This piece attracted an interesting discussion.)

March 8: Google News in Hebrew: Too Little, Too Late? by Alan Abbey

March 8: What Can You Do with a Microformat? by Amy Gahran

…As you can see, this blog gets quite a bit of variety. The target audience is primarily news professionals, but we get readers from many quarters, and we strive to be international in scope. If you like what you see there, subscribe to the E-Media Tidbits feed.

Feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions, comments, questions, or criticisms about E-Media Tidbits.

I also encourage everyone to feel free to comment on Tidbits items. Even if you’re not a journalist, you probably have something to say that news professionals should hear. Speak up! Tidbits is a great place to do that.

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