Link blog pros & cons

My friend, colleague, and fellow blogger Dave Taylor wrote on March 7 about how he’s finally “succumbed” and created a link blog: Dave Taylor’s blog clippings

…A link blog is a way to use a weblog to share interesting links. There are lots of different ways to do it. I use the free social bookmarking service to create link-related content for all of my main weblogs. In this weblog, that’s what generates my “Latest Recommended Links” content in the right-hand sidebar.

For my other weblog, The Right Conversation, I save links (with relevant excerpts or comments) in and then use an automated system to compile and post a daily roundup of links. (For instance, here’s yesterday’s link posting from The Right Conversation.)

Dave points out that while having a linkblog fulfills some needs (for him and, presumably, his audience), it’s not exactly conversational – especially in his case, since the tool he’s chosen does not allow comments.

I shared my thoughts on linkblogs with Dave, and asked him to explain his linkblog rationale further….

(Read the rest of this article on The Right Conversation…)

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