Transparency: Cleaning your \”filter\”

I just read an interesting post by Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion: “We’re All Gatekeepers.” He wrote:

“Everyone has information they’re holding on to. In the media’s case, it’s a scoop. In PR’s case, it’s a media embargo or exclusive. And in the blogger’s case, it’s information that they are among the few or even the one who’s privy to it. So the debate shouldn’t be over who is the gatekeeper or whether ‘gatekeeping’ is dead. We all are gatekeepers depending on where the news thread starts. As long as there’s news, there will be gatekeepers. Gatekeeping is just much more flat now. Anyone can join in if they have high-value information.”

It’s true, we have more ways to access information than ever before. Each point of access applies its own filter.

This means it’s more important than ever to be conscious of filters, especially as applied to any type of “news.” It’s no longer safe or smart to make wholesale assumptions about any class or genre of news filtering – from professional news organizations, to citizen journalism, to PR, to peer-reviewed journals, to personal blogs. We all have holes in our nets.

Here’s what I commented back to Steve…

(Read the full article at I, Reporter…)

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