My New Gig: Poynter\’s E-Media Tidbits Editor

A lot of interesting new work has come my way recently.

Along with my normal mix of editorial, writing, and consulting/training projects, I’ve just been awarded one new blogging gig of which I’m particularly proud. I’ve been named editor of the Poynter Institute’s group weblog, E-Media Tidbits.

I’ll be taking over this task from my friend, colleague, and fellow Boulderite Steve Outing, who’s just left Poynter to pursue an exciting new entrepreneurial venture in citizen media, The Enthusiast Group. (I’ll write more about this later, but rest assured this is a very cool venture well worth watching.)

Steve is a consummate editor who has managed to gracefully combine creativity, good humor, ethical grounding, and decisive guidance. I hope this job will be as easy as he made it look – but I won’t bet on that. 😉 I will do my best to continue his Tidbits vision.

If you’re not familiar with Tidbits, you really should be! Here’s what it’s about…

(Read the full article at The Right Conversation…)

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