Why Conversational Media Is Newly Important, Even Though It\’s Definitely Not \”New\”

What’s the big deal about conversational media? A lot of people get confused by that term because, rightly, they know that print and broadcast media have been used to facilitate certain kinds of conversations. So why bother talking about it if it’s not new?

That’s an important point: Conversational media is NOT new. In fact, it’s quite ancient. However, conversational media recently has attained crucial significance because, thanks to advances in communication and search technology, it’s now more widely accessible and less controlled than ever before.

In media, conversation used to be a minor sideline to publishing. More and more, it’s getting to be the main attraction – not just in terms of popularity, but influence.

How old is conversational media? Well, do you have a Bible lying around?…

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Got A Google Analytics Invitation to Spare?

I’ve been flying blind with this blog, so to speak, for more than a month – and it’s really bugging me.

I’m talking about useful web stats. I used to have Urchin (now Google Analytics) at my old web host, and that was great …but I had to leave that host.

I’m now at Westhost, which is good in many ways. However, their site stat packages are so limited as to be useless to me.

Today I checked back in with Google Analytics, and saw that they’re finally allowing some new users – by invitation only (just like when they launched Gmail).

If any kind, generous Contentious reader has received a Google Analytics invitation that you don’t need to use, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d send me your valid invitation code. As a reward, I have a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate I’d be happy to give you.

Simply e-mail me and we’ll make arrangements.

I really, really want this. I don’t want to have to change hosts again, but the lack of useful stats is becoming a serious issue for me. Suggestions of alternate options are welcome, of course. Thanks!