Blog Bubble Bursting? Get a Grip

“The blogosphere is falling! The blogosphere is falling!” Well, so says Daniel Gross in Slate’s “Twilight of the Blogs” – the latest in a flurry of mainstream media articles about how the business potential of weblogs is allegedly imploding.

Actually, the above was a paraphrase. Here’s what Gross actually said:

“As a cultural phenomenon, blogs are in their gangly adolescence. Every day, thousands of people around the world launch their blogs on LiveJournal or the Iranian equivalent. But as businesses, blogs may have peaked. There are troubling signs – akin to the 1999 warnings about the Internet bubble – that suggest blogs have just hit their top.”

This is only true if one considers the primary – and sole – business potential of blogs hinged on direct monetization strategies such as ads, subscriptions, and sponsorships. OK, I’d expect such a shortsighted view from someone who works within the mainstream media structure, which derives its revenue mainly from ads.

But here’s the bigger picture of blogs and business value…

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2 thoughts on Blog Bubble Bursting? Get a Grip

  1. Today, we witness that the overall value of human service is truly decreasing… Time is here when you get lots of people to do lots of huge things for you such as even doing a copy of myspace itself for a couple hundred of dollars! I wonder why don’t they just do it for free rather than seeking that minimal amount! I call them “poor technocrats”… I believe that’s truly bad for the economy.. Imagine what happens tomorrow when every myspace member has their own copy of myspace… The whole market will crash and no one will end up earning even the basic minimum… and it will be the monsterous businesses such as google that will trap the opportunity selling contextual advertising on dead pages created by extensive hard work from those “poor technocrats” and meagerly funded by less visionary so called entrepreneurs that actually follow the herds’ mentality and do what everyone is doing… At the end, everyone is doing what everyone is doing because everyone is doing the same thing and nothing else! That’s why google purchased just to create that hype that blogs are the opportunity for tomorrow for everyone.. It wasn’t for everyone.. but it was for google… since blogs are places that are fed with LATEST content about all things… and with that, google virtually hired millions of innocent people from all over the world for pennies!

    I believe blogging has wasted multi trillions of hours of millions of humans from all over the world just for the sake of earning a few pennies from contextual advertisers that even don’t tell how much percentage is offered to you! WOW! Hat’s off for the mind job! I believe technology builds as well as kills! It’s YOUR choice whether you want to remain in the scene when it’s time for killings 🙂

    I believe there’s only ONE small nail required to burst a whole huge bubble… and I’m sure this may happen anytime now and it will be a chain reaction… I wish it SHOULD happen so that it cleans up the hype and put all people on actual business that pays back decently for all their efforts!

    Goodluck to everyone!

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