Blogging for Strength

Not long ago, a guy I deeply respect joked derisively in conversation that too many people “blog for therapy.” His evidence: a recent AOL survey in which nearly half of respondents said “they write a blog because it serves as a form of self-therapy.” My friend said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Oh yeah, that’s just what everyone wants to see.”

Well, of course it’s not what everyone wants to see, but so what?

I’ve gotta admit, the tone of my friend’s comment (and the AOL press release, for that matter) really rubbed me the wrong way. In our culture, we tend to dismiss personal topics, experiences, explorations, and perspectives as inconsequential – or at least as unworthy of public discussion. I believe this objectivist bias is, in fact, a costly and tragic type of isolationism. Many, many times I’ve seen pride or a reflexive fear of vulnerability prevent people from reaching out to gather the context and support they need, or to offer theirs to others in need.

It’s damn hard to gather or share strength in isolation.

Yesterday, I was proud to see one of my favorite bloggers, Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion, reaching out to gather and share his strength. In “Why I am Blogging About My Skin Cancer,” he discussed that he has just been diagnosed with a common and treatable form of skin cancer. Part of his plan to combat this illness is to create a new skin cancer blog.

As I read his reasons for launching a new blog, I understood that even though this would mean more work for Steve just when he needs to focus on treatment and recovery, a project like this can be an excellent way to gather and share personal strength…

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Video Tech Enthusiasts Discuss the Panasonic Weblog

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Just a quick note to follow up on my earlier coverage of Panasonic’s DefPerception character blog, which is “authored” by the fictional character “Tosh Bilowski”… Whenever you try something new in online media, it helps to pay close attention to what your target audience thinks. If your communication efforts aren’t working well for them, it’s time to revisit your strategy.

Fortunately, there’s a very well established online community of video tech enthusiasts. They discuss every conceivable aspect of video technology in several popular forums. Here are some links to some of their current conversations about the Panasonic’s new blog…

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