Women in Podcasting: 40 New Shows Listed

Now that I’ve relaunched the Women in Podcasting list as an OPML outline (which is much, much easier to maintain), I can finally start catching up on my considerable backlog of suggested shows.

I’ve just added about 40 new shows to the list. These are all currently active podcasts that are hosted or co-hosted by women. This brings the current total of active podcasts and videologs on this list to about 120 shows.

SEE THE LIST! Remember, it’s a rendered OPML file, not a regular web page. Just click on any “+” sign to view the contents of that item.

I’ve also included updates to a few shows that were listed previously.

More about this ongoing project…

When I first converted this list from a maintenance nightmare (HTML page) to an OPML outline, I discovered that nearly half of the shows originally listed are now defunct. However, I still have a huge backlog of new suggestions to plow through. As a rough estimate, I think that when I’ve caught up with the by backlog of suggestions, about 100 or more shows will be on the current list.

TO SUGGEST A NEW SHOW: Please e-mail me all of the following information for each show to be suggested:

  1. Show name
  2. URL of the show’s web site or blog
  3. Name(s) of host(s). If there’s more than one host, indicate which one(s) are female
  4. A brief description of the show (content and format)
  5. Language of the show (if other than English)
  6. Podcast feed URL

…Again, I need all of that information for each show to be listed. When updating my list, I give top priority to listing shows which do not make me hunt for any of that information.


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