Now in OPML: Women in Podcasting List

OK, feast your eyes. I’ve finished a first draft of the Women in Podcasting List, reworked as an OPML outline so it’s easier to maintain (and share maintenance duties).

HERE’S THE LIST! Click that link to check it out via the free service OPML Manager.

IMPORTANT: How to navigate this list. It’s a rendered OPML file, which is a bit different from an ordinary web page. Visually, this list looks like a series of nested outline items. (You’ll probably see a folder icon displayed to the left of each item.) Wherever you see a “+” mark next to an item, click on that to expand the view to see what’s inside. Similarly, a “-” mark indicates that you can collapse that item, or that the item cannot be expanded further.

NOTE: This is only a first draft! It’s not completely how I want it yet, but it’s a start. I’ll be working on it more later.

Here are a few important caveats to bear in mind about this first draft…

  • Expect the URL to change. If you want to bookmark this updated list, keep in mind that where it is now probably will not be the final location. I’m just using OPML Manager for now because it’s a very easy way to publish OPML files rendered for the web.
  • The podcast names and “subscribe” mentions are clickable links. Depending on your browser, that may not be obvious to you in this draft – but if you click on them, they’ll take you where you want to go. “Subscribe” always links to the feed URL.
  • I’ve sorted active from defunct podcasts. You know how podcasting goes – lots of people start a show, but few do more than a handful of episodes. Therefore, many (I estimate nearly half) of the podcasts on my original list are now defunct. I’m publishing the list of defunct podcasts because I think it’s useful to remember who was doing what, and because you never know when a show might resurface.
  • The “last updated” notation for each show indicates the date I last verified that show was still being produced. It does not indicate the date of the most recent episode of that show.
  • I’d like to number my list of current podcasts so we can keep track of how many there are. However, so far I don’t know how to specify an ordered (numbered) list of items in OPML. If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know.
  • Next step: Adding a bunch of new podcasts which people have kindly suggested to me over the past few months. I hope to get to that task before the end of November.

REQUEST FOR HELP: I don’t want to be a bottleneck on this project – which is a big reason why I converted it to OPML. If you already know how to edit an OPML file and subscribe/listen to podcasts, I could use some help. I need people who can check out suggested new shows to verify that they are indeed hosted or co-hosted by women, currently being produced, and that the description given accurately reflects the nature of the show – and then update the OPML file accordingly. If you can help out in this way, please let me know. I really do need people who already possess the skills described above, since I don’t have time to train people for this task.

SUGGESTIONS? If you know of a way that I could handle or format this OPML file better, or render it to the web better, or streamline any of the processes involved, please let me know.

Enjoy! Hope you like it! Let me know what you think about it!

One thought on “Now in OPML: Women in Podcasting List

  1. Amy, just wanted to thank you for compiling this list. Our radio program has been on the air for nine years now and despite the need for women in talk radio, it has been an uphill battle. Advertisers want to attract female demos but the radio industry isn’t listening. Female listeners need to start demanding talk programming that speaks to them.

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