Women in Podcasting: New List in the Works

UPDATE NOV. 21: I’ve just published a first draft of the revised list in OPML format. More info, including a link to the list at its new location…

Lately my Women in Podcasting list has been getting a fair amount of attention. (Thanks, Lisa Stone!) However, I’m a little embarrassed because I haven’t had time to update that list in several months.

However, I have a plan to revive it, update it, and get other people involved. Honestly, I could use some help with this project. I just don’t have enough time to do it all myself.

Here’s what I plan to do. Let me know what you think and if you can help…

First of all, I’m going to recreate the existing list as an OPML outline. This will be MUCH easier to update than the current list, which is all hand-coded HTML (ugh…).

Then, I’ll check out and add the new shows many people have submitted since August.

Finally, I’ll republish the list as rendered OPML and figure out a way to share editing responsibilities so it’s not just up to me to update it. I do want a level of editorial review so people don’t start spamming it or treating it as a general podcast directory, and to make sure the shows are accurately described.

WANNA HELP? If you’re familiar with OPML and podcasting, and would like to volunteer to help manage and update this list, let me know.

Many apologies to everyone who’s been sending updates over the last few months. I have saved them all. When I re-launch this list in OPML form, I’ll announce that here on Contentious.

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