Writers and Blogs: Links for Today\’s Talk

As I mentioned yesterday, today I’m speaking at the Boulder Press Club monthly luncheon. My topic is: What Writers Really Need to Know About Blogs.

Here are a few links I expect to be mentioning in that talk…

Great places to find blogs:

Blogs to start with:

  • Contentious: Amy’s blog. Hey, you’re reading it right now!
  • I, Reporter: My other weblog (with Adam Glenn), on citizen journalism
  • MicroPersuasion: Steve Rubel’s excellent weblog on PR and citizen journalism
  • First Draft, one of my favorite journalism blogs by Tim Porter
  • Time Goes By, an excellent example of personal blogging by Ronni Bennett.

My tutorials:

More links to come… Gotta run now!

3 thoughts on Writers and Blogs: Links for Today\’s Talk

  1. Ronni wrote: “what are you gonna do when my blog comes up and the headline today is ‘Technorati Sucks'”

    Heh… what any good blogger would do — zip right over to your blog to see what you’re saying! (You’re a really smart strategic commenter, aren’t you, Ronni?)

    Yep, Technorati does have its problems. It’s kind of the 800-lb gorilla of feed-based search engines, so I feel obliged to mention it, but personally I prefer IceRocket.

    Now, let me go see what you wrote….

    – Amy Gahran
    Editor, Contentious

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