How to Upload a File to Google Base?

Well, it’s for real: Yesterday (Nov. 15) Google launched its much-rumored service, Google Base.

Basically (pun intended ;-)), you can publish virtually any file you want to the web by uploading it to Google’s servers and adding descriptive tags. This makes your file and whatever it contains as findable as anything on a regular web site – except now you don’t have to have a web site in order to publish to the web.

Pretty cool, especially for people who don’t want to mess with servers, hosting, and HTML. Also, for folks in the media business who rely on classified advertising for revenue, it’s pretty scary. As if Craigslist wasn’t enough free competition…

I just signed up for Google Base (it’s free, of course), and I’ll be playing around with it to see what it does. Usually, Google is known for its ease of use. But I must admit, I found myself unable to figure out the most basic task: How do I upload a single file to Google Base?

Maybe I’m just dim today, but I couldn’t find any way to upload a single file. I wanted to upload a funny little Quicktime movie I shot at a Halloween party a couple of weeks ago. I was able to create a good description of my movie, complete with keywords and a geographic reference.

But I couldn’t upload the file.

It was easy to find instructions for bulk uploads to Google Base. But I just have one file to upload.

Unless I’ve missed something major here (which is entirely possible, and I welcome corrections) they don’t offer an obvious option for uploading a single file.

I don’t get that.


…Anyway, here’s the Google Blog’s official announcement of the Base launch. And they did a very Googly press release.

Regarding the press release, John Batelle quipped at Searchblog: “Rarararararghghghghghghg…this kind of disingenuous exemplar text makes me grind my teeth.”

Yeah, what he said.

Anyway, am I the only one having trouble figuring out this single-file upload thing? I’d really like to post this movie.

UPDATE Nov. 18: A kindly Contentious reader just pointed me to this AP article on Google Base, which says:

“Data uploaded to Google Base can be transferred one item at a time or in bulk. There’s no limit on how many items users can send, though the database currently limits the number of pictures in each submission and does not support video or audio.”

OK, that’s part of my problem – I was trying to upload a video.

And here’s what the Google Base support team had to say in response to my query:

“…If you would like to post a single item, simply visit Google Base (, select the type of information you’re submitting (or create your own type of information) and click “Next>>.” After you’ve entered and reviewed your item’s formatting, click the “Publish” button. Within a few hours, your item will be visible to the world.

4 thoughts on How to Upload a File to Google Base?

  1. Apart from images I don’t believe that you can upload files at all!

    The bulk upload feature is for companies submitting e.g. car adverts, in XML format. This is their entree into classified ads, not web publishing for the masses!

  2. If you know PHP you can automate the process of bulk uploading by using PhpBase ( ).

    PhpBase it’s a Php script to validate the data before sending it to goole against your defined schemas. It also handles the FTP connection to google base.

  3. I’m using PhpBase ( and tryed another script for uploading data to google base, but I’m wondering why after when I upload file it not appear when I go to ftp and also status not changed to “processing” at google base products management area. But when I upload data file manually – status changing automatically to “processing” after file uploaded. Any idea?

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