Video Tech Enthusiasts Discuss the Panasonic Weblog

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Just a quick note to follow up on my earlier coverage of Panasonic’s DefPerception character blog, which is “authored” by the fictional character “Tosh Bilowski”… Whenever you try something new in online media, it helps to pay close attention to what your target audience thinks. If your communication efforts aren’t working well for them, it’s time to revisit your strategy.

Fortunately, there’s a very well established online community of video tech enthusiasts. They discuss every conceivable aspect of video technology in several popular forums. Here are some links to some of their current conversations about the Panasonic’s new blog…

  • One of the most popular and highly regarded independent video tech discussion forums is DVinfo. Since Oct. 27, there’s been a fairly active and intriguing discussion thread about Panasonic’s blog. It’s worth checking out. There’s an interesting range of views presented, and Panasonic’s own Jan Crittenden Livingston chimes in.
    (UPDATE NOV. 4: This thread has become very interesting, and instructive. The DVinfo community is currently discussing an alternative approach for the Panasonic blog. Read more…)
  • HD for Indies is another popular online community for video geeks. The Oct. 28 posting “Warning! Decoy site!” has a fairly long thread of comments worth exploring.
  • DVdoctor also has a thread on this topic, although currently there aren’t too many postings to this one.

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