Poynter Seeks Baton Rouge Housing for Journalists

Since New Orleans and many other Gulf Coast areas have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina, many journalists are working hard to get out the news and manage crucial communications and coordination from temporary digs further inland.

In my previous article, I tried to convey how crucial it is that news continues to get in and out of the devastated regions. This benefits everyone, especially the hardest-hit survivors who haven’t even been rescued yet. The more reliable news and information people can gather and share, the better prepared rescue teams will be to target their efforts.

There’s a problem, though: Many hardworking journalists who have lost their own homes are staying on the job and working very long hours – with no lodging of their own. In Baton Rouge especially, housing is nearly impossible to find. Many journalists will need semi-permanent housing in order to stay on the job.

If you have or know of available lodging in or near Baton Rouge (or other areas to which news organizations have relocated recently) here’s how you can help, courtesy of the Poynter Institute. Click that link or e-mail your information to: webstaff@poynter.org. They’re collecting information and are attempting to match journalists in need with available lodging.

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If you publish, broadcast, or blog on media issues, or participate in media-related forums, please spread the news of Poynter’s efforts. Your colleagues need your help.

I’m not saying that journalists are any more or less deserving of housing in this time of widespread need. Many communities have just lost everything. However, I’m doing what I can to help – and especially to help some friends and colleagues from the region. These reporters, editors, and photographers are soldiering on with covering the news even though they too have lost everything and must separate from their families for now in order to remain on the job for everyone’s benefit.

If you can help this effort, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.