Versatile New Blogging Tool for Non-Geeks

I just heard about a cool new blogging tool that sounds ideal for people who want to blog but need that process to be as simple, efficient, intuitive, and flexible as possible. And even better, it’s permanently free of charge.

Check out Qumana. It seems to offer all the core features a serious blogger would want, using a simple non-geeky interface.

From my perspective, it only has one major drawback…

So far, it’s Windows-only. I’m a Mac and Linux person, so I can’t actually use it right now. I hope they will launch a Mac version before long. I’d really like to try it.

I’m curious about their business model. This appears to be a fairly comprehensive and full-featured application, I’m surprised they’d be offering it for free (not just a time-limited free demo, or a free “lite” version). I expect we’ll hear more about that aspect of Qumana before long.

Anyway, if you’re a Windows user looking for a blogging tool, definitely give Qumana a test drive. Also, I encourage Qumana users to comment below on how you like it. Is it really that easy to use? What are its key strengths and limitations, from a user’s perspective?

(Full disclosure: Qumana CBO Tris Hussey is a friend and colleague of mine. However, that’s not why I’m writing about Qumana. It honestly sounds like a bit of a breakthrough to me. But I do want to independently reality-check it. So I do hope to hear from Qumana users, and to see a Mac version at some point.)

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  1. There are more sophisticated tools out there, but QLE hits the sweet spot between simplicity and ability. More importantly, Qumana did things the right way and wrote the app to conform to actual specs… some of the developers out there take a “well, it works with Movable Type” approach that drives me nuts.

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