Another Great Blogging Workshop Coming Up

This week, I probably won’t be blogging too much because I’m immersed in finalizing a private workshop I’ll be delivering to a major NGO in Washington DC on Friday. However, I’d like to mention another excellent workshop coming up.

My friend and colleague Dave Taylor is delivering another BlogSmart workshop, How to Blog, on Friday, June 2, in Boulder, CO…

I attended Dave’s first BlogSmart workshop and it was fantastic. The room was full, the wifi worked flawlessly, and the presentation was impeccable. Dave has a gift for teaching complex topics in a relevant, humorous, and occasionally provocative way. He gets his students engaged and involved. He’s especially good at clarifying the “so what.” I could feel the mental gears clicking all around me. Even an “old” blogger like me learned some new things. It was a great overview of the “big picture” for business blogging.

Here’s what his new How to Blog workshop will cover:

  • A survey of weblog solutions
  • The advantages of Typepad for your first blog
  • Signing up for a Typepad account (hands on)
  • Configuring your Typepad account “just so” (hands on)
  • Picking a template from the many available and installing it to customize the look and feel of your new blog (hands on)
  • Using Technorati and Google to find existing web pages on your topic and how to figure out their “permalinks” (hands on)
  • Writing your first weblog entry! (hands on)
  • Including a link to another web page in your blog entry (hands on)
  • Uploading pictures to Flickr, and integrating Flickr pictures into your new weblog (hands on)
  • Publicizing your new weblog
  • Questions and answers. Lots of them.

I’m not sure whether this upcoming workshop is sold out yet, but if you’re in or near Colorado’s Front Range region and you want some hands-on experience with blogging, sign up now. If you can’t make this one, I know Dave will be offering others. Although he focuses mainly on business blogging in this workshop series, I think this particular one will be useful to people interested in all types of blogging.

Wish I could be there.