Podcasts, Congress, and Cable TV: The Happy Medium

Right now there’s a bit of discussion in the blogosphere about podcasting the US Congress. Attorney Ernest Miller started this ball rolling on his Corante blog: See Questions for Congress He asked:

“Why doesn’t every single darn committee, subcommittee, whatever, have a podcast (in the future, broadcatch) of its hearings? Why isn’t there a floor podcast?”

It’s a great question, and the audience for this might be larger than you’d expect…

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Join Me for Drinks in DC this Friday

For all CONTENTIOUS readers in the Washington, DC area: I’ll be in town giving a workshop this Friday, June 3. Afterward, I’ll definitely need a drink!

Join me and some of my friends for an informal get-together over drinks, 5–6:30pm, at the bar of Bistro Bis in the Hotel George (15 E St. NW) – apparently a very swank Capitol Hill venue. I’ll be the one in the geeky t-shirt and purple vest.

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My Feed Lists: Moving Targets

For a few months now I’ve featured in the right-hand column of this blog links to lists of all the feeds I subscribe to. (What’s a feed?). These include:

  • Feeds Amy reads: The whole monstrous list, about 400 feeds sorted into folders. I don’t check most of these daily, but I do scan most of them at least weekly or monthly.
  • Top feeds: A list of the 29 feeds I currently consider “must-reads” – that is, I definitely want to know about their new postings as soon as they hit the net.
  • Podcasts I subscribe to: This is my fastest-changing list. I add and delete shows from this list almost daily. (What’s a podcast?)

When I first announced these lists, a lot of people downloaded them. However, my feed lists are perpetual works in progress. So if you haven’t checked out my lists for awhile, you might want to check out these updates. I’ve found many, many new gems. Here are a few highlights…

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Why Communicate at All? (content strategy, part 1)

(NOTE: This posting is part of a series on content strategy. You may want to start reading from the introduction.)

Content strategy is how you plan to make your communication more effective and purposeful, so you can achieve your goals and flourish. Communication often gets drastically overlooked and undervalued, but it’s not at all mundane. In fact, it’s a defining characteristic of humanity.

If that sounds terribly basic, it is. If that sounds incredibly important, it is.

The first step on this path is to stop taking communication for granted…

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What Is Content Strategy and Why Should You Care? (Series Intro)

This may seem obvious, but the two things which matter most in virtually any aspect of media (including the net) are content and connections. These principles, which are deeply intertwined, form the foundation of all types of value yielded by media – whether for broadcast TV, a national magazine, a web site, a weblog, or a simple exchange of e-mail messages.

If you or your organization has any sort of media presence (especially online), it’s useful to consider your overall content strategy: what you intend to say, and when and how to say it, in order to connect and interact constructively and efficiently with the people you need to help you achieve your goals.

Almost everyone overlooks or misunderstands content strategy – and it shows.

A sound, simple content strategy can keep on track and stop you from missing valuable opportunities or wasting time and resources – or worse, sabotaging your own goals through inept communication.

This is the introduction to a new series of articles examining the basic elements of content strategy, with special attention to online content…

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