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As I mentioned earlier, I’ve abandoned my “grab bagâ€? approach to recommending cool or useful stuff to check out online. Instead, I’m listing those links on my page – a popular “social bookmarkingâ€? tool.

I know many CONTENTIOUS readers are unfamiliar with, so I thought I’d provide a taste of the kinds of items I’ve been posting there lately…


To access these links (and nearly 200 more so far), visit my page

  1. Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter Keywords and Phrases: Avoid Them (Chris Knight)
    – “Awareness is the goal here so that you get a better feeling for which terms and phrases might get your emails blocked.”
  2. Online list tips (e-editor)
    – “There are potent cultural assumptions embedded in the reader’s response to any list. The reader will always assume that a list is presented in order of relevance or importance.”
  3. DRM: it’s not just ineffective, it’s harmful (
    – The core arguments agains digital rights management (DRM), in a nutshell.
  4. A blog, that’s how search engines find you (Tris Hussey)
    – Tris’ excellent point on a recent article by Gerry McGovern: “Interesting article on MarketingProfs (Links — How the Search Engines Find You). Totally behind the times, though.”
  5. Yahoo! 360° — A New Model for Online Sharing (Yahoo Search Blog)
    – “These days, as we publicly post more of our opinions, photos, and sensitive information on the net, there’s growing concern about spam and other threats to our privacy.â€?
  6. A Swiss Army Knife for Project Management (Enterprise Systems)
    – The bare minimum tools and rules needed for effective project management. Brilliant and eloquent.
  7. Topic Hunter Meta Search In Several Different Categories (Research Buzz)
    – Tara Calishain gives Topic Hunter a thumbs up: “Instead Topic Hunter points you to search resources in a variety of topics”
  8. Podcast Hotel and Videoblog Festival (Corante)
    – This event sounds incredibly cool and unusual. I think I’ll go…
  9. the information resource everyone can help build
    – Way cool! The wikipedia approach to information about consumer products and services. Just launched.
  10. Blog business value survey results (Jack Vinson)
    – “…is based on a worldwide web survey, undertaken by the author, where information professionals and knowledge managers were asked about their usage and value of weblogs as a source of business news and information.”
  11. Difference between a weblog and a web site (Rex Hammock)
    – He answers this popular question in plain language. Even your grandma could understand this.
  12. ACSD 2005 Annual Conference
    – Good example of a basic but useful conference blog. Every conference should have a blog – before, during, and for at least a little while after.
  13. Interview with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (ACSD conference, streaming audio with transcript)
    – One of my favorite authors/researchers in the field of psychology, cognitive science, and learning. He wrote that great book Flow.
  14. e-Learning Centre: XML
    – “This is the first of a three-part series that explains how content reuse tools are used in instructional design.”
  15. Eduforge Project Info: eXe
    – E-learning XML editor project. “Content generated using eXe can be used by any Learning Management System. It will incoporate tools and CSS.”
  16. Enterprise collaboration with blogs and wikis (Michelle Delio, infoWorld)
    – “Infoworld has posted a comprehensive package on the use of blogs/wikis in internal communications as well as for corporate communications/PR.”
  17. How important are publishers? (The Intuitive Life Business Blog)
    – “A relationship between the publisher and reader seems like it’s skipping a rung on the publishing ladder, somehow, as if listeners
    want to have a relationship with a performance venue rather than performers.”
  18. Controlled and suggested vocabularies: Are tags making us dumb? (Joho the blog)
    – “This is simply how language works. Words and meanings arise from a type of “conformism,” but so what? Meaning itself is a type of conformism, you aging hippie douchebag!”
  19. More on Controlled and suggested vocabularies: Are tags making us dumb? (elearningpost)
    – “A bottom-up ‘synonym ring’ which connects all the varying terms used for the same item. For example, PC Forum = pcforum05 = pcf = pcf05 etc.”
  20. The new conversations about learning (Ted Marchese)
    – “in making judgments about programs or curricula, about teaching or teachers, the ideas we hold about learning itself will and
    should be decisive.�

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