Lessons in Bennish (audio)

It’s time for another audio edition of CONTENTIOUS! Today I have a very special guest: my friend and linguistics mentor Ben, who is one year old this week…

LISTEN NOW! Right-click to download the MP3 audio file. It’s less than 1 MB and only a couple of minutes long.

Believe me, I’m learning far more about the nature of language from Ben than I ever learned in journalism school!

Here’s a book mentioned in today’s short show: The Language Instinct, by Steven Pinker. Read it – it’ll change how you think about language and humanity.

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    Ben is one year old. He and Amy did a podcast from Fort Collins, CO on Wednesday! As long as Ben doesn’t grow up and do a “Ben’s Bake Sale”, he’ll be okay. I think I’ll head to the library tomorrow and see if I can check out that book, though. An…