Southeast Asia Tsunami/Earthquake Community Blog

I was completely floored to learn of the massive earthquake and tsunami which so far has killed more than 100,000 (updated Dec. 30) in the coastal regions of southeast Asia. Disasters like that make everything else look like small potatoes.

A group of bloggers from India and elsewhere have set up a community weblog with news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts. If you’re looking for a way to offer assistance, this would be a good place to check. (Thanks to Dina Mehta for this link.)

NOTE Dec. 30: See this related essay, The Context of Being Human

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  1. i think this tragic disaster is very upsetting and as touched me and many more people in the world i hope to god that everyone like the gorverments are doing everything in there power to help them,like giving them as much money as they can to help renew there homes so they can get on with their lives as we are today. why should they suffer they havnt done nothing wrong. so they should have a big help from everyone that can help.

  2. i think this is is a very tragic disaster and have beem very touched by it a lot. i hope one day it is all going t which i am sure it will be im very happy with the amount of money has been donated from the public. i hope all i can say to can say to the dead is r.i.p and let there be life for them.