Bizarre Grab Bag

Just for fun, here is some miscellaneous cool weird stuff that’s caught my interest lately…

TOP OF THIS LIST: Letters from Bad Santa. Do you know someone who deserves coal this year? There’s still time! Getting a bad Santa letter sent to your personal nemesis costs $2.95, but you can read the letter templates for free – and they’re hilarious! Check it out today. (Thanks to Chris White for this link.)

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  1. Perry Bible Fellowship: This is a very strange comic strip that I absolutely adore. It’s drawn by Nicholas Gurewitch. Normally I dislike when a site uses an animated image map for site navigation, but this one is fun, not at all cutesy, and works very well.
  2. Dumbest Idea of the Week: Printing Blogs. I kid you not. Business 2.0 flamed this service, then conscientiously published a response from the Print My Blog folks. I’m sorry, I don’t care how Print My Blog rationalizes it, this service is still a bad idea. Interactivity (live links, comments, etc.) is a big part of what makes blogs so engaging. Why kill trees for less effective packaging?
  3. Harvard Sucks: An excellent prank. If you’re in school and can’t stand the pep-rally clique (or if you are a school rivalism extremist), consider this as a model to emulate. (Thanks to Don Crowther for this link.)
  4. Depressed web server: Sometimes, near-infinite processing power doesn’t make the world a better place. Those of you who, like me, are fans of Marvin the Paranoid Android will especially love this. (Thanks to Anne Mitchell for this link.)
  5. Return of the Evil Dead: Now, this could be fun! In my opinion, one of the all-time most hilarious camp horror movies was Sam Raimi’s 1987 Evil Dead 2. (The first and third films in the series were far less amusing.) Raimi apparently is working on a new Evil Dead film, again starring the chisel-jawed and eminently sarcastic Bruce Campbell.

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  1. Re: The delightfully ridiculous “printing blogs.” Before I fled Corporate life I had an admin asst who’d print-out every darn thing I wrote or she wrote, and then file ’em by topic and by chron, God forbid the computer couldn’t look ’em up for the poor waif. This blog-printing guy is ust another example of perhaps a one-time good idea run amock. The answer, I say: let’s find the most radical bunch of tree-huggers we can find (you know, the kind who burn down brand-new multi-million dollar houses) and give ’em his address… better wear safety goggles to watch the fallout!