Yes, I\’ve Been Busy…

I haven’t posted to CONTENTIOUS is more than a week, so I should let you know what’s up. I’m buried in a major editorial project that is consuming most of my mental energy at the moment. I should be past the big hump shortly, then I’ll finish my series on online press rooms and catch up on the rest of my blogging backlog.

In other news…

I’m now completely enthralled with podcasting, although I do indeed loathe that name. (Why conceptually tie the entire medium to one device? Very short-sighted…) But anyway, through podcasting I’m rediscovering how powerful the human voice can be.

Yes, a lot of podcast content is unpolished, amateurish, dull drivel, but some of it is surprisingly good. There’s lots of room for even more and even better audio content in this new medium. You can bet I’ll be debuting my own podcast as soon as I get a chance to acquire the right equipment and learn how to use it.

I’ll write more about podcasting later. But in the meantime, check out The Nature of Systems to hear for yourself one interesting approach to podcasting. Also, I love the edition of IT Conversations that deals with biomimicry. Just a couple of top-notch examples, in my opinion.

By the way, my new little MP3 player has done wonders for my exercise regime, which had been woefully lacking for the past several months. Carrying around several hours of engaging, unusual, personal content in a convenient package the size of a C battery makes longer workouts much more attractive. I now lift weights more often, bike and walk farther and more often, and generally enjoy workouts more. My back has stopped sending me nasty notes for the time being. That’s cool.

Finally, in my limited spare moments I’ve been reading some very cool books. I typically have several going at once. Here’s what currently comprises the pile next to my bed. I recommend all of these heartily:

OK, back to the grind, more later! Thanks for your patience, CONTENTIOUS readers.

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  1. Amy, yes podcasting is so kewl.. I have been experimenting with this too
    ..but yet to get obtain luanch status.. “I’m rediscovering how powerful the human voice can be. “..thats a very powerful fact I blogged my thoughts thru a snip of a cluetrain manifestio

  2. agree on the podcasting thing so far (I think it should be called Zencasting , since my mp3 player is a ‘Creative Zen’ ! ) , anyway, I would say one thing – the audio download file sizes can get a bit out of hand for those of us on dialup at home (can’t download mp3s in work(!)) , I’d suggest people take a leaf out of and to name but two, and include a low-speed version.