Forbes, Webfeeds, and Ignorance

A couple of days ago I posted an item on the Poynter Institute’s E Media Tidbits blog concerning some weirdness over webfeeds witnessed recently at Forbes Magazine. See: Forbes and Webfeeds: Now They Get It, Now They Don’t. Check it out – it’s a clear example of how some people in the media (allegedly a fast-moving, forward-looking industry) can be stunningly resistant to the very idea of change.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention in that Tidbits item: Forbes also recently began offering its own collection of webfeeds.

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  1. Its easier to understand someone’s inability to appreciate RSS if you think in terms of disruptive vs. sustaining innovation. It may well be that RSS does little to improve *what this particular review cares about*. The Forbes reviewer is assessing RSS as a sustaining innovation–which it is not; it is a disruptive innovation–not something that plays the game better, something that plays a different game.

    I wrote about this very issue a year ago:

    RSS: Disruptive Technology Hiding in Plain Sight”