OK, Your Turn to Talk!

Thanks to the efforts of my husband/sysadmin Tom Vilot, CONTENTIOUS has just moved to a new server and is using new blogging software: WordPress. This change has finally made it possible to turn comments back on for this blog.

So if you’ve been dying to post a comment for a CONTENTIOUS article, now’s your chance! Please bear in mind: To protect against comment spam (the reason why I had to turn off comments when I was using Movable Type), comments for this weblog are moderated. This means that when you post a comment, you won’t see it appear online right away – you’ll have to wait for me to approve it. Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience.

I won’t censor comments in any way – I will approve any legitimate comment. I just want to be able to prevent comment spammers from appropriating my weblog and annoying my readers. Most days I will be able to approve comments very quickly.

Yes, I know this is not perfect yet.

Right now there are some glitches and kinks in how this weblog and its webfeed display related to the change of blogging software. Please be patient with that. Tom and I are keeping a to-do list of things to tweak and fix, and we will be ironing those items out over the next few days.

Sorry, we didn’t have time to make everything perfect before making this switch live.Tom and I are both crunched for time right now. I’m leaving tomorrow for a trip to the Poynter Institute for production on an e-learning project there, and Tom was under a deadline to move everything off his old server. So we handled the most critical things first. Everything else will be fixed as quickly as possible.

However, in the meantime if you’re experiencing any major difficulties with the display of this blog or its webfeed, please e-mail me and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for reading CONTENTIOUS! OK, now, fire away with your comments!

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  1. Please get the webfeed thing figured out soon. I’ll miss your full-text posts with enough information there for me to know what I am getting, if I decide to click through to “read more.” That, by the way, does a good job of dealing with the balance between too much and too little information in the webfeed.


  2. Thanks, Jack. Yes, actually 2 problems I’m having with the webfeed in WP are at the top of the to-do list. These are:
    – The feed content is truncating after a small number of characters (about 100-200, it looks like).
    – Hyperlinks embedded in feed items (except for the headline link) are not carrying through.

    We WILL fix this, rest assured. (If anyone knows off the bat how to fix those issues in WordPress, please e-mail tom@vilot.com — that would save us some research time. Thanks!)

    – Amy Gahran