“Webfeed” Nickname Continues to Spread

“Webfeed,” the nontechnical nickname that describes the general concept behind both RSS- and Atom-format feeds, and winner of the CONTENTIOUS RSS Nickname Contest, continues to appear in more and more places online.

On May 18 I mentioned the first few appearances of “webfeed” online. Here are several more recent occurrences

  • Various contributors to the German weblog/online seminar Media Pedagogy continue to say “webfeed” on a regular basis.

  • Seblogging (by Sebastian Fielder):
      June 29: Safari RSS Knows News. “Good to see that Webfeeds and RSS finally get the attention they deserve.”

    • June 15: Keynote at ICL2004. “I am invited to give a keynote speech at the International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL) 2004. ICL2004 will be held from 29 Sept. to 01 Oct. 2004 in Villach, Austria. The tentative title of my speech is ‘Weblogs, Wikis, and Webfeeds – are we learning to open-source learning?'”
  • June 29, QuickDraft Blog: RSS – Will It Need a “Digital Pencil” … ?. “… to start composing as the webfeeds keep rolling in?”

  • June 29, 20,000 Leaks Under the Sink:
    My First Day at Webfeed School
    . ” Today I decided to get up to speed on webfeeds. I have a blog now. I need to know these things.”

  • View from the Isle:
  • Cutting Through weblog:
  • June 22, CyDome (German-language weblog by Klaus Eck): Plädoyer für vollständige Webfeeds. Here, Eck lists the advantages of full-text webfeeds.

  • June 21, E-Media Tidbits (a group weblog from the Poynter Institute to which I contribute), Owning the Desktop … or the RSS Reader, by Steve Yelvington. “One of the issues publishers have with RSS (a.k.a., webfeeds) is that it can divert usage from the home page.”

  • Sébastien Paquet:
  • June 19, RSSblog: Webfeeds, modems and adverts. “Webfeeds have become even more useful to me over the last few days as I’ve just moved house and am stuck with a 28kbps (!) modem…”

  • Radio Free Blogistan, by Christian Crumlish:
  • June 17, Wake Up!: I, for one, welcome my new consultant overlords. “I’ll be joining a consulting firm as chief mumbledymumbledy officer and work with some clients on projects that combine a lot of my interests today: netroots activism, taking back congress, weblogs and webfeeds and wikis oh my…”

  • June 17, Hip Hop Blogs: Display Feeds Using Javascript. “A cool tool for turning webfeeds into javascript for diplaying on a site is Feed2JS.”

  • June 9, Strategic Public Relations: Google Blinks, Considers RSS. “The giant has blinked and is considering support for RSS webfeed technology, in addition to Atom…”

  • June 5, CultureKitchen: On Language, Politics and Blogs : A week after THE WEEK. Liza Sabater wrote: “…Comments, trackbacks, links, googleable titles, webfeeds & syndication are creating fluid networks that are empowering in the short run but potentially powerful when their spheres of influence are aggregated.”

  • June 2004, NewMediaJournalism.com: iTunes and WebFeed Aggregators.
  • May 31: The weblog Chosaq included this mention: “…from now on this site also features a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license. There’s (better) RDF & webfeed integration, too.”

  • May 26: Marketing weblogger Dana Van Den Heuvel wrote: “…all there is to say in ongoing discussion of the finer points of Email and RSS in this little diagram on Email vs. RSS or Webfeeds…”

  • May 19: Birkbeck Library’s RSS News Feed. “We are trying out the delivery of news about the library and its services via an RSS news feed, or webfeed as they are sometimes called…”

Intriguing, isn’t it? Once again, we’ll see how this plays out in the long run…