More Misc. Cool Stuff to Check Out

Here are some more items which have caught my attention recently:

At the top of the list: What Do You See Ahead? Seven Questions To Robin Good About Present And Future In Education, Communication Technologies And The Arts, June 20, Robin Good’s Master New Media weblog. I love this blog, it’s one of my favorites.

Here’s the first of seven questions Good tackles thoughtfully: “Can you describe to us what you would consider an end product, or outcome, of education?” Excerpt from Good’s response: “To me the end product of education should be an individual capable of effectively evaluating reality through a refined ability to research, analyze and question information in a critical way. …The more education provides for specialized know-how and weak critical evaluation capabilities in favour of notionistic learning, the more we endanger our fellow [humans] to be dependant on external authority and centralized resources of knowledge to direct the available opportunities in hir life.” Absolutely. Excellent. Do not miss this article!

The rest of today’s recommended reading list…

  • Librarians do E-Learning Metadata!. This report by Norm Friesen is about a “Vocabulary Workshop” offered June 10-11 by the National Science Digital Library (NDSL). He begins, “One of the most exiting things was to learn more about a network of collections of science-related learning resources, searchable in aggregated form via a user-friendly interface, and using quality-controlled metadata – generally created manually by librarians.” There are a lot of new ideas here.

  • Findory Blogory. This appears to be a pretty neat service, although I haven’t yet had a chance to play with it much. Basically, Findory Blogory serves up a “personalized selection of weblogs articles. It learns your interests as you read articles, searches thousands of weblogs, and helps you find articles that are of likely to be of interest.” Suggestion: They should add a “Media” topic. It’s in beta testing, so expect some quirks.

  • The Bloggist. Here’s an intriguing idea from blogger Jeremey Wright – a print magazine where the contents are republished from top-notch weblog entries. After you read the Bloggist FAQ, check out the details so far. It’s an idea in evolution. Fascinating. I might want to get involved in this, since I come from a magazine journalism background. (Thanks to PR Meets the WWW for this link.)

  • How Trackback Works, an illustrated tutorial by Michael August Pusateri. A while ago I mentioned Trackback’s Unique Content Potential. To many content professionals, the concept of trackback seems a bit technical or arcane. But actually it’s pretty simple. This is the clearest explanation I’ve seen about trackback to date. Worth reading.

  • It’s called a ‘bliki’ for a reason guys…, from Brian Tol’s Wiremine weblog. Should blogs have wiki support? Whould wikis have blog support? Developers need to wrap their brains around the hybrid concept, suggests Tol…

  • For Liars and Loafers, Cellphones Offer an Alibi, NYT, June 26, by Matt Richtel. Yet another reason why you can trust me – I don’t own a cell phone. I hate the damn things.