How is a Wiki Like a Weblog?

Recently I wrote about the concept of the bliki, which combines characteristics of weblogs and wikis.

Along this theme, the weblog Hunting the Muse recently pondered what, exactly, weblogs and wikis have in common, and how they might best be combined in a practical way. Check out Weblogs, Wikis, and Comments.

Also, see Robin Good’s recent weblog entry about blikis: After The Blog Is Gone: SnipSnap Plays Bliki. It’s a bit more technical than the first article, but not too difficult – and it’s definitely stuff you’ll want to understand if you want to explore the emerging bliki world.

SEE A BLIKI IN ACTION: Martin Fowler’s Fowler’s Bliki. The topic it covers is fairly technical (software development), but look at it for how it gets used – and read his intention for this project. It’s an intriguing format.