Free Shagging Marmots, Courtesy of BBC, This Fall

…Don’t knock it – it’s a start.

This fall, the BBC will put its Creative Archive online. According to Wired News, this ambitious project will, “make thousands of audio and video clips available to the public for noncommercial viewing, sharing and editing. It will debut with natural-history programming.”

This online content database will be available under a license similar to the US Creative Commons approach. However, it’s not for everyone. BBC’s Creative Archive will be available only to British citizens who pay the yearly TV license fee. Access will be denied to people who attempt to log on from a non-UK IP address. (Well, hmmmmmm…. A lot of people from all over the world visit the UK and use the Internet there….)

According to Wired News, the UK group Union for the Public Domain has initiated an activist campaign to ensure that this archive eventually offers more varied fare than “shagging marmots.”