About My Writing Coaching

I mentioned briefly in a recent article, “Clear Thinking, Clear Writing,” that I offer writing coaching services. Some CONTENTIOUS readers have inquired about this service. Here’s how that works…

  • This is a fee-based service that I offer over the phone. Fees range from $90 to $50/hour, depending on the number of hours and individual or organization purchases. Minimum purchase: 3 hours.

  • Writing coaching can benefit any type of nonfiction writing for print or online media: essays, news, commentary, Web copy, white papers, reports, and more.

  • Before the coaching begins, we chat briefly to discuss the type of writing you do and your needs, issues, and goals with regard to writing.

  • Also beforehand, you send me 1-3 samples of your writing to review, as well as a current project you’re working on that we can discuss.

  • I focus on the process of writing – how to really get to the core of your topic, in a way that suits your target audience and chosen medium.

  • I can also offer advice on grammar, punctuation, and style.

  • I follow up each session by e-mailing you notes about our conversation, including tips or exercises for you to practice.

If you’re interested in writing coaching or any of my other editorial services, please e-mail me: editor@contentious.com.