RSS — So What?

I’m still here at the SEJ conference in New Orleans, having a blast. Tomorrow, during a computer workshop, I have to explain to a bunch of environmental journalists and environmental adovcates why they should care about RSS. In a nutshell, here’s what I’m planning to tell them…

  1. RSS allows you to announce new content (like news stories, or commentary) easily to your audience – in a way that won’t get lost in their inbox or nabbed by aggressive spam filters, and that is presented in a customizeable format.

  2. RSS feeds are a must if you want your announcements to get picked up and run by news aggregators such as Google News.
  3. RSS feeds are a great tool for journalists who need to track many specialized news sources in order to cover their beat.

  4. Publishing and receiving RSS feeds is getting easier and easier. There are many free, easy RSS generators available. Look for RSS feed readers to be built into major web browsers soon. You most likely won’t always need a separate application to read RSS feeds.

    …Whadya think? Does that cover the main bases? Bear in mind, I only have a few minutes to speak, and I also have to show them what a feed is and demo how to subscribe to and read them… But if you think I’ve missed something, comment this blog item, or e-mail me and let me know! Thanks!

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