Great Primer on Metadata and Taxonomy

For my fellow content professionals who wish to make a place for themselves in the next editorial frontier (content management, online learning, and related fields that desperately need our perspective and talents), here’s an excellent backgrounder to help you get up to speed on some key concepts.

See: Developing and Creatively Leveraging Hierarchical Metadata and Taxonomy by Christian Ricci (May 23, Boxes and Arrows).

…Yes, I realize that’s a dry, geeky title. Despite its academic tone, this article does offer incredibly useful information in a fairly clear fashion. Most importantly, it clarifies the cornerstone terms taxonomy and metadata. It also explains how to apply these concepts appropriately and effectively in order to organize and connect information. Ultimately, it’s all about context.

Starter Kit for the Next Editorial Frontier

It seems to me that the field of structured content (metadata, content management, and information architecture) is probably the next major frontier for the editorially inclined. After all, writers and editors do what we do because we have an innate grasp for identifying, juxtaposing, organizing, presenting, and reusing information to maximum effect. “Content intuition” is our core talent.

Also, moving in this direction may be a matter of long-term survival. Let’s face it – traditional writing and editing skills, while crucial, will probably never be valued in the professional world as much as they deserve….
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