links for 2010-11-09

  • This wiki aims to be the authoritative resource for all things related to the art and science of mobile user interface design.

    Designing mobile user interfaces grows ever more interesting. Device and network capabilities are improving, platforms are giving us more features to help the user, privacy and security are becoming more important, and device proliferation is both increasing and decreasing.

    The following topics may be helpful to get you started in mobile design.
    The Mobile Challenge – Designing for mobile is more complex than designing for desktops. Device proliferation abounds.
    Design Patterns – an introduction to what design patterns are.
    Class-Based Design – Devices and device classes can be chosen strategically, based on market and user needs.
    Device Hierarchy – mobile patterns rely on both device user interface style and platform.
    Mobile Design Principles – ways to think about mobile design.

  • Clay Shirky: "What's going away, from the pipeline model, isn't the importance of news, or the importance of dedicated professionals. What's going away is the linearity of the process, and the passivity of the audience. What's going away is a world where the news was only made by professionals, and consumed by amateurs who couldn't do much to produce news on their own, or to distribute it, or to act on it en masse.

    We are living through a shock of inclusion, where the former audience is becoming increasingly intertwined with all aspects of news,

    This shock of inclusion is coming from the outside in, driven not by the professionals formerly in charge, but by the former audience. It is also being driven by new news entrepreneurs, the men and women who want to build new kinds of sites and services that assume, rather than ignore, the free time and talents of the public.

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