links for 2010-08-05

links for 2010-08-04

  • "I study the ways new media shapes people's perceptions of the world. It's my fond hope that social networks such as Facebook will help users broaden their perspectives by listening to a different set of people than they encounter in their daily life. But I fear services such as Facebook may be turning us into imaginary cosmopolitans."

    Includes a video of Ethan Zuckerman's TED talk.

  • I just took this survey, and it's really interesting. It's about how people perceive and comparatively weight various kinds of disability or illness. It's all about "which is worse"? Hard questions to ask, and hard questions to answer. But if you're prioritizing how to address diverse health issues, they're important.

links for 2010-08-03

  • "Nonetheless, the longer-term trend remains intact – as more and more Android devices launch across manufacturers and carriers, it continues to gain marketshare in the US and around the world (another study out today shows Android shipments up 886% year-over-year worldwide).

    "Of course, that strategy is vastly different than that of Apple, who is the only manufacturer of iOS devices and in the US, offers its device only on AT&T. Considering that strategy is buoying the company to record profits quarter after quarter, Android outselling iOS is not so much an alarming sign for Apple as it is a maturation of Google’s mobile strategy and the smartphone market as a whole."

  • Video: Sex-positive feminists collaborate to bust just about every single argument anti-porn feminists make. And they do it well. Very well.