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  • "Well, we passed along a rumor from Mashable which said the HTC Droid Incredible would get Android 2.2 today and it looks like that was full of bullspit.
    On the Verizon support Twitter account, Big Red said, “We currently do not have information for the Incredible update at this time and is not being sent out today.”
    That’s a pretty big bummer but I think I understand the rationale. Verizon is still in the middle of pushing out the Android 2.2 update to the Motorola Droid and we’re still hearing of users who haven’t received that. Verizon’s a huge company, so I don’t think it is too taxing to push out updates to multiple devices but it appears to be taking a slower approach."
  • "Truth is, as much as some few acts might oppose the deconstruction of the unit of their output from album to track, this is the model that has sustained labels in the last five years as scant bulwark against unauthorised downloading…

    "Any label looking for to sign Floyd to a new deal will likely demand this practice continue, not least because few online retail methods exist today for purchasing albums as single entities."

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  • "Twitter doesn't always feel like a conversation as people use it in different ways. In the same way that talking isn't always conversation, sometimes it's a command, an expression of surprise or an aid to thought. In other words, Twitter isn't just social, it has a big informational component,"
  • "Of course, Douthat is welcome to argue that there is some good secular reason not to provide for same-sex marriage because, for example, it will cause suffering, or because it will lead to social breakdown and civil chaos. But he hasn’t even attempted to put an argument of that kind. His argument is, instead, the illiberal one that the state should give its backing to his particular, entirely optional, sexual ideal. But why the hell should it?
    That’s why it’s a pathetic attempt to oppose same-sex marriage. When an intelligent conservative who opposes same-sex marriage looks at the issue squarely, he has to concede that the usual arguments relied on by his allies are rubbish. What’s more, he clearly has no viable argument based on secular concerns, such as concerns about harms to worldly interests. Surely he’d put an argument like that if he had one: he knows that recognising same-sex marriages will not lead to suffering or chaos.

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  • "A television show idea that is written out without being put in script form is called a treatment. It's a long synopsis that summarizes everything that will happen within an episode, and it's written in prose form with little to no dialogue. Writing a television treatment before writing a script is advisable because you can read it like a story and see if it works before you spend time and energy completing a full script. A television treatment can also be useful when you try to sell a concept. These tips will show you how to write a television treatment."
  • "After a year of experience with real-time advertising, MinnPost is re-launching the product in an exciting new format.

    "Our Book Club Club has had great success experimenting with Real-Time Ads in a dedicated widget — five sponsors each have their own ad widget with their own dynamic message, which they change out as often as they like through a Twitter, Facebook or blog's RSS feed. One nice feature of this advertising is that it provides a steady stream of useful information to Book Club Club readers, about books and literary events.

    "We are now extending that type of messaging to most sections of, and calling it Real-Time Section Advertising."

  • "As readers here know I purchase a LOT of devices to test out and use for reviews and my own personal enjoyment. Thus, I have built up quite a collection of old devices with many that end up sitting in my drawer gathering dust and dying of old age. I was at the recent GDGT Live event in Seattle and met Anthony from who inspired me to clean out my drawer and send in my old devices for cash and for recycling. I just went through the entire process and wanted to let you know how you can get some cool cash for your next purchase by sending them your old devices."
  • useful tips esp for local gov

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  • "Here’s Mike’s first error: Conflating “creativity” with programming, and “passivity” with, well, everything else. Mike isn’t the first to do this – I think my friend Cory Doctorow is responsible for the meme, as I pointed out in an earlier post. I’d argue, in fact, that the history of computing teaches us the exact opposite: the less people are required to learn programming in order to be creative with computers, the more creative work you get.

    "The history of computing over the past 30 years is a move away from requiring people to engage with computers “on their own terms” via programming, and towards enabling users to do creative things through applications."

  • "oh, also—iPhone users have more sex. File this under "icebreakers, MacWorld '11". Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren't just getting fucked by Apple…"

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  • "there is another 3G mobile broadband technology? HSPA, which is used in the USA by AT&T and T-Mobile for their 3G service (AT&T refers to it simply as "3G" or occasionally "BroadbandConnect").

    How does HSPA compare to other technologies?

    Here is how AT&T 3G stacks up to other common internet technologies:
    EVDO Rev A: 600Kbps – 1,400Kbps Down (with bursts to 2.0Mbps); 500Kbps-800Kbps Up (with bursts to 1.8Mbps)
    EVDO Rev 0: 400 – 1000Kbps Down (with bursts to 2.0 Mbps); 50 – 100Kbps Up (with bursts to 144Kbps)
    1xRTT (Sprint & Verizon 2G, AKA "NationalAccess"): 50Kbps – 100Kbps with bursts up to 144kbps Down/Up
    EDGE (AT&T 2G): 50Kbps – 100Kbps Down/Up
    HSPA (AT&T 3G): 700-1700kbps Down; 500-1200kbps upload
    DSL: Varies based on provider. Average appoximately 1500Kbps Down; 128Kbps Up
    Cable: Varies based on provider. Average appoximately 1000-5000Kbps Down; 200-800Kbps Up
    Satellite: 512Kbps – 1500Kbps Down; 128 – 256Kbps Up
    Dial-Up: 56Kbps Down/Up

  • "EVDO, or Evolution Data Only/Evolution Data Optimized, is a 3G mobile broadband technology used by Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel that provides typical download speeds of 600-1400kbps (with bursts up to 3100kbps) – this article focuses mainly on EVDO mobile broadband. HSPA is another 3G technology that is used by AT&T and T-Mobile (click here to read more about HSPA). 4G is the next generation of mobile broadband technology, but it's not as widely available as 3G service yet – Sprint uses a 4G technology called WiMAX that is currently being deployed, and Verizon will be deploying a 4G network using a technology called LTE in late 2010. For more information on 4G, read the What is 4G? article on, our sister site."
  • "the real culprit is that battery technology and capacity have not evolved as rapidly as the power and functionality in Smartphone’s like the Incredible. I will add one caveat: HTC, for whatever reason, decided to deviate from their other recent smartphone offerings that standardized on form factor and a rating of 1500mAh capacity. I can't explain why they chose to downgrade the Incredible battery to 1300mAh, when the 1500mAh battery fits perfectly and provides an increase of 200mAh."
  • Near the bottom, under the subhead "Kanye West & KC
", Fripp discusses rights issues re Kanye West's prominent and extensive sample in "Power" of King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man". They never asked Fripp's permission, and they should have. Fripp notes:

    "I like Power & would have approved, had I been approached. Probably, Mr. Kanye acted in good faith & left it to his people to arrange licensing. Sadly, UMG’s Standard Operating Procedure seems to be: act first, regardless of proprieties & permissions, and deal later: on the assumption that the size & quasi-monopolisitic power of the company will be enough to deal / override / ignore any objections."

  • mobile local civic app/site
  • whole bunch of specific tips I'm going to try. including battery conditioning.
  • "PDFs are important for the student and you will now find native PDF support (not ADE PDF) provided with a new dictionary and support for notes & highlights. Social networking support is provided so you can share passages with your friends via Twitter and Facebook."

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  • "Grocott's Mail Online has a page for SMS opinions from readers in addition to the normal editorial content; readers can text the paper with their responses to articles, tips for stories, or general information and see those texts translated into non-text speak and put online or in the paper. Nika sorts SMSs and incorporates them directly into the newspaper’s system, automating what had previously been a manual process. The SMS pages lets local citizens share their opinions, and see their words in print."
  • "In 2008, Bruce Girard concluded in a guest post that the addition of text messaging technology into the community radio toolkit was still in its infancy. SMS use at radio stations was informal, he wrote, and the few cases of more complex use of SMS messages accompanied political crisis or natural disaster and were largely donor financed.

    "Two years later, we delve once again into the state of SMS and mobile technology at community radio stations, by way of an informal survey. While advances have been made and creative projects have emerged, integration remains an ad-hoc and individual enterprise.

    "This report summarizes existing projects and success stories, highlighting the most popular uses of mobile technology. It concludes with a discussion of the challenges that community radio stations face in adopting SMS and mobile technology."

  • "There are now over 5 billion mobile subscriptions around the world. Smartphone ownership is steadily growing, both in the United States and abroad. Smartphone ownership is projected to be above 50% of all mobile phones in the US by next year. This has many NGOs and other content and media prodicers wondering about how best to produce content for mobile phones (high-end devices, in particular). SMS and voice-based applications have their use cases, but many content producers today are wondering whether to produce a mobile website or a mobile application (app) to distribute their content. In fact, in much of the developing world, SMS and voice are still the killer applications.

    "We argue that most content producers should focus on the mobile web, especially if they want to make their content more widely accessible. Mobile apps may be appropriate if looking for new sources of revenue, or deep user engagement, but many other factors make the mobile web the more sensible platform.

  • I'll have to give this a try on my old iPhone, to make it usable enough to give away to someone else or sell.

    "A lot of iPhone 3G owners—myself included—have discovered that upgrading to iOS 4 has slowed their devices to a crawl. If you decide the new features and shortcuts just aren't worth the glacial performance, here's how to downgrade your iDevice."

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  • "Especially with children and young adults, she said, the decision to accept inevitable death can be agonizing and can ignite long-standing family discord. So can accepting a competent patient’s desire to be discharged from care to return to an emotionally or physically unhealthy environment.

    "In all these cases, the voice of philosophy can help bridge differences, she said, and move a stalemated debate over what people should or shouldn’t do to a more productive conversation about “what is the life you can live now that best fulfills your concept of the good?”