links for 2010-08-30

  • MITE provides interactive testing and validation of mobile content right on your desktop. Test content with 1,600+ mobile device profiles over a live wireless network, mobile carrier or Internet connection.

    Why Keynote MITE?

    – On demand testing with no phones, contracts or SIMs to manage

    – See the actual source code behind the scenes

    – Record once, play back across multiple device profiles

  • "
    I did the outline this way for the journalist that uses social networks, but doesn’t also work on the website.  The Producer section is intended for the station looking to actually create a lead position to oversee social media and web efforts.  The entire outline, which also separates out uses and goals for certain social networks and the web, can be used in any broadcast or print media outlet and even be implemented in any business."
  • "You need to enter your destination and schedule details (appointment time) and then select the people you want to notify (it integrates with your address book) with a personal message if you like. Just to be clear here, you do not need to be using TeleNav’s GPS navigation solutions to use this utility, it is a stand alone GPS location-based notification system that just uses your current location and the destination you enter to perform the calculations.

    Your recipient(s) will receive notices when you leave and an ETA, based on your GPS location, and then up to three additional status messages may be sent based on your preferences. OnMyWay does not share your specific location in the notifications."

  • Sounds like it boils down to: As far as GAO can tell, wireless consumers are better off now than earlier — but that doesn't mean they're isn't substantial room for improvement in a more competitive wireless landscape.

    "In particular, additional data could help assess the competitiveness of small and regional carriers, as well as shed light on the impact of switching costs for consumers. FCC should assess whether expanding original data collection of wireless industry inputs and outputs–such as prices, special access rates, capital expenditures, and equipment costs–would help the Commission better satisfy its requirement to review competitive market conditions with respect to commercial mobile services. FCC took no position on GAO's recommendation, but provided technical changes to this report that were incorporated as appropriate."

  • excellent, succinct coverage of the big issues

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