links for 2010-08-25

  • "Sort of an odd thing I noticed the other day- My daughter and I were out visiting a friend, and as we were conversing, the daughter-unit was feeling a bit shy, but wanted to have certain stories shared, so was requesting that I recount the stories to "them". There was just the three of us present, and she's pretty good with pronouns, but I just wrote it off as misspoken. This occurred several times during the conversation though, and it became apparent to me that she thinks of other poly folk in the multiple sense. Even if you're partners aren't present, or if you're poly-single, she seems to apply plural pronouns when speaking with poly types."
  • Google Earth 1.1 doesn't let you snorkel past schools of fish or snuggle up to reefs teeming with sea life. Instead, it offers Android users the opportunity to see what the Earth's surface looks like beneath the water. Google suggests, for example, that users look at the Monteray Bay Canyon, which it says is larger than the Grand Canyon.

    There is a "look around" button that lets users change the angle of view and take a new look at what's under the water.

    Another tool added to Google Earth 1.1 is what Google calls the "Explore the Ocean" layer. This layer offers up a collection of photos and videos from contributors from all around the world.

  • oooh, this is handy!

    "Zamzar supports conversion between a wide variety of different file formats. We're adding support for new formats all the time –
    if there's a format that you'd like us to support why not
    contact us and we'll do our best to add it."

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